17 Jul 2015

Personal Interview of Mr Killian Hennessy

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SPLASH BY THE BEACH, known for representing luxury in Cyprus for 25 years, welcomed legendary perfumer Kilian Hennessy for two exclusive appearances, attracting attention from clients and the media around the globe. Hours before the events, we had a chat with the man himself, where we talked perfume, beauty and been introduced to his upcoming scent.

TEXT Grigoris Kampouridis

IMAGES Rafaella Themistokleous

Bound to succeed from the beginning, the heir to a long line of cognac makers, grandson of the founder of the LVMH group, and with his exquisite attention to the detail, Mr. Kilian Hennessy proved that he deserves the attention. Kilian launched his eponymous brand in 2007 and returned to his first and forever love: pure and divine creation. The ‘By Kilian’ perfumes reflect to its creator personality but at the same time they achieve the perfect ‘alliance’ between elegance and luxury. When asked what the philosophy behind his fragrances is, Hennessy states that he treats “perfume as an art” and goes on to add that they are similar to a messenger that opens countless doors in the memory. Hennessy stresses that the luxury element is one of the necessary “ingredients” in his creations, and that “true luxury should never be thrown away”, instead it should be carried from one generation to another. Apart from the luxurious unique scents, the packaging is something that definitely deserves some credit as it is aimed to make an “eco-luxury” statement, and it is luxurious, reusable and refillable. You wonder how a day in the life of Kilian Hennessy is? Even if he is based in New York, his day usually involves a lot of traveling and early wake up hours as part of his routine. As the creator of the ‘By Kilian’ line, Hennessy said that he changes his perfume depending on the city he is in.

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He described his upcoming perfume, “Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi”, as the “essence of night”, and we can guarantee that it is intense and festive at the same time, with a scent made in heaven.

The two events took place on July 15th and 16th, and both became quickly the talk of the town, with VIP guests arriving in Cyprus for the events. The dinner was held at the Columbia Steak Plaza, in the heart of cosmopolitan Limassol, where the guests dined and discussed with Mr. Hennessy. Following the success of the dinner, the perfumer made an appearance in store for a luxurious ‘By Kilian’ cocktail, signing perfumes and chatting about what he knows best: PERFUME AS AN ART.

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