04 Nov 2018

A VIP GALA Dinner October 2018 and a Lunch at a winery November 2018

Splash TG ltd, known for its devotion to fashion and luxury for the last 25 years, celebrated this year the 10th anniversary of Splash by the Beach. Since first opening its doors in 2007, Splash by the Beach has transformed the experience of luxury shopping into a unique, highly-anticipated event by offering service truly dedicated and tailored to the needs of a highly specific, aesthetic-oriented clientele. As the first high-end concept store on the island, the boutique was quickly established as a visionary force in the island’s lifestyle world.



Splash By The Beach welcomed the crème de la crème of the island for an exclusive dinner and an unforgettable night. The guests were greeted by the boutique’s owner Mrs Troodia Georgallides and her family at the historic old port, in the heart of Limassol, in an exquisitely decorated venue – transformed to reflect to the luxury of our store, brands and service. The gipsy queens entertained the crowd, that came especially for that evening from Nice. The event was a success and the talk of the island.

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Lunch at a Winery


Following the success of the dinner, Splash By The Beach hosted a traditional lunch at a winery in Omodos village just outside Limassol for its customers and friends. Alluring decoration, excellent location.

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